What does the audience get from a typical independent wrestling show? With all due respect…typical independent shows have Has-Beens, Never-Will-Be’s, workers who lack charisma, back-yarders, awful booking, newly released WWE and TNA stars who barely want to work, anywhere from 30 to 100 people in the crowd and broken down “Legends” looking for a quick pay-day. Occasionally, (like 1 in 25 indy shows) the “Legend” could still work and put on a very good match, if that legend was at some point an amazing worker…and under at least 50 years old presently. The match card usually is filled with ticket sellers going over, too many heels going over or too many faces going over, and emotionless matches.

By saying emotionless matches I am not talking about workers not selling (while half the time they do not in fact remember to sell or they do not sell enough).  When I say emotionless matches I mean two things: it is very hard to tell who is the face and who is the heel.  Not only that, but the workers completely forget there is a crowd watching and rather than wrestling for the people who paid to see the show, these workers wrestle for themselves. Here is an example… If the crowd is reacting well to chain wrestling (simple takeovers and holds), what is the point of flying around the ring?  450 splashes?  A thousand chops?  Add in moves like a Death Valley Driver, a Styles Clash or even a Pepsi Plunge?!?!  These indy workers do not realize that in most cases less is more.

Why should the crowd care if a booker put two guys in a death-match if there is no story behind it…

The second thing emotionless wrestling means to me is that most independent wrestling companies have plenty of wrestlers, some talented some not, but either way the matches really do not matter at all because there are no STORYLINES attached to the matches!  Why should the crowd care if a booker put two guys in a death-match if there is no story behind it or if it is the first time these men have even been in a match together??  Sure, it may be a fun match to watch if the two guys know what they are doing…but what does the match do for the company after the is is over?? Absolutely NOTHING!! A death-match should be used in a feud where these two wrestlers have been going at it for months and now finally the only way the score could be settled is by putting these two men in a death-match.  Now that makes sense!  Storyline is 50-65% of wrestling.  The other 35-50% is the wrestling. If there is no storyline there really is no point to the match. Why should I invest my time, energy and emotion into the two guys in the ring?  Now this doesn’t mean that every wrestler in an indy company’s roster absolutely has to be in a storyline but it would be nice to see at least half of the roster in some sort of storyline that the crowd can understand and get into. With all that being said consider yourself debriefed on typical independent wrestling.Now it’s time to talk about the exact opposite of typical independent wrestling companies.

Now it’s time to talk about the Warriors Of Wrestling or as the fans simply scream at every show, W.O.W.!  There is nothing typical of this 3 year old independent company. From the eclectic group of wrestlers ranging from skinheads to millionaires…from a dead man to an arrogant brash competitor…from young hungry guys to twisted and sick gladiators…from gangsters straight out of the hood to latin lovers, W.O.W. has so many personalities that all add up to great wrestling shows. However, what is a character without the knowing how to involve the crowd in every match?  Well… nothing is as mentioned earlier.  No need to worry though because every wrestler on the W.O.W. roster knows exactly how to involve the crowd at every moment.

…from gangsters straight out of the hood to Latin lovers, W.O.W. has so many personalities that all add up to great wrestling shows.

Every time the young hot tag-team of Spartan and Nero burst through the curtain the crowd is completely into the match.  These kids come out completely pumped up for their match and they show it by acknowledging the crowd and showing the crowd how excited they are to be able to compete in the ring before them.  Before this team even steps in the ring the crowd knows they are faces and the crowd is 100% behind them.

On the other hand when ex-commissioner and owner of the Syndicate Nephtali Rodriguez comes through the curtain, arrogantly filled with evil, with his Syndicate of Kvon Brown, Thor, Dan Dillinger and their business partners muslim Abdul Nasir and his man-beast Fallah, they instantly tell the fans how they feel about them.  The Syndicate and affiliates absolutely hate having to be in front of the crowd.  They are disgusted with every last person in the crowd whether it is because the fan is poor or wealthy, skinny or fat, young or old…The Syndicate despises them.  In return the crowd hates the Syndicate with a passion.  At Red, White and Bruised on September 11, 2010, Abdul Nasir had a WOW Heavyweight title shot against the then champion, B.A. Kidd and one fan went as far as throwing fists at Nephtali Rodriguez during and after the match!!  Why do you think the fan did that?  The answer is simple.  Nephtali Rodriguez and the Syndicate make sure that the fans give a damn about why they are out there.  They make sure those fans know that they are to be hated, and that hatred carries to the next level when fans try attacking the members of the roster.  When was the last time you heard about a fan at a show (of sound mind and body) attacking a wrestler?  At a typical independent show you would not see such emotion brought out of the fans like the emotion Nephtali Rodriguez and the Syndicate or anyone else on the roster are able to bring out of them.  Does being attacked scare the Syndicate?  Of course not because it is all a part of the business that W.O.W. redefines and innovates at every single show.

When was the last time you heard about a fan at a show (of sound mind and body) attacking a wrestler?

As far as the wrestling goes the competition is slim to none when compared to Warriors Of Wrestling.  Every match at W.O.W. actually means something because of the great booking that goes into every match of every show.  All of the match have a reason and all of the wrestling within the matches tell their own story.  The W.O.W. storylines and the stories that are told during the matches themselves make the fans care about what is going on in the ring.  When Jasin Karloff turned his back on his long time tag-team partner/best friend John Cannon and their manager Spyra, the fans were shocked and instantly hated Karloff.  Months later during a Body Bag match, Spyra turned her back on John Cannon and joined forces with Jasin Karloff to put John Cannon into a Body Bag and rid W.O.W. of Cannon.

After that Karloff w/ Spyra went into wrecking mode.  They defeated and absolutely destroyed many opponents.  His most notable decimation was against the only 2 time W.O.W. Heavyweight Champion Damian Dragon by way of submission!  Damian Dragon has not been seen in a W.O.W. ring since. Karloff finally earned himself a second No Limits Title Shot at the 3 year Anniversary Show, after his first attempt went unsuccessful in a three-way match with Champ Chris Banks and a former No Limits Champion Nick Sabre.  This time his title shot was againt No Limits Champ Chris Banks, Jose Salvador, Dirtbag Dan, Logan Black, and Chris Cartegena.  During the closing moments of this match, the lights went out and the Big Screen in the arena was hacked and odd police and death reports filled the arena.  The screen had many unclear visions of graves, souls and skeletons.  Out of nowhere, what seemed to be two druids put a body bag into a ring.  When the lights went back on the ring was clear of all competitors except Jasin Karloff and Spyra.  Karloff commanded Spyra to open the body bag and when she did a hand came out and grasped her throat!  It was the “Bloody Preacher” John Cannon back from the dead!  Karloff fled the ring and left Spyra with Cannon to suffer the most devastating driver type move I have ever seen!  Now Cannon hunts down Karloff waiting for the perfect moment to strike and seek revenge!

Come on people, if that isn’t one of the best storylines in independent wrestling…or even any wrestling organization right now than I have no idea what is.

Bottom line is that Warriors Of Wrestling is better than any independent show out there.  The fans always get their money’s worth at a W.O.W. show, and the storylines found at Warriors Of Wrestling even gives the current “Big” companies a definite run for their money!  The fans are die hard for a reason.  This is because of the tremendous locker room, the great wrestling and the fantastic storylines W.O.W. offers.  Warriors Of Wrestling is the hottest product out and if you think different we challenge…no, we defy any promotion to prove us wrong!

W! O! Fuckin! W!

- Salvatore Brucculeri

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