If You Can’t Beat Us… Burn Us??

Early Thursday morning Warriors Of Wrestling owner Joseph Bellini aka “Joey B.” woke up to a phone call from the FDNY informing him that the Warriors Of Wrestling Warehouse Training Facility located at 56 Van St. in Staten Island, NY had a fire. That’s right, someone had broken into the W.O.W. Warehouse to light a fire to the W.O.W. wrestling ring with the Heavyweight, No Limits, and Tag Team title in the center of the ring.


This undeniably is an act of hatred, rage, and pure jealousy from the arsonist who had came to the conclusion that if they couldn’t beat Warriors Of Wrestling then they would burn us.


Now as any member of W.O.W. family or fans who have been to the warehouse could tell you, the warehouse is far from Madison Square Garden and is more like a place found in the basement of MSG. But, the Warriors Of Wrestling Warehouse has a certain mystique. It is the home to the best independent professional wrestling company and school in NY. The training received at this school is second to none. W.O.W. school teaches students every part of the pro wrestling business from how to wrestle, to understanding the psychology of the ring, to the history of the business and just how to be a better and more successful person in every aspect of life. The Warriors Of Wrestling School not only produces great wrestlers and future stars of this business, it all produces great people and by the end of your training it turns you into a Warrior and a brother of W.O.W.


Sports Entertainment may be taken lightly in this day and age but by no means should professional wrestling, specifically the professional wrestling W.O.W. produces ever be taken lightly in any aspect. If you want to be the best you have to train like the best. In order to train like the best you must train with the most intensity your mind, body and heart could possibly produce. The training W.O.W. gives students will except nothing but the most any individual has to offer.


Every season has the intensity of it’s particular weather but the warehouse increases that intensity by 20 degrees. If it’s 100 degrees on a summer afternoon it is 120 degrees in the warehouse and if it is 15 degrees in the winter then it is -5 degrees in the warehouse. Just like the warehouse increases the intensity of each season, it also increases the intensity of every single person who goes into that ring to train. After this malicious-arsonic assault on the school, it clearly seems that the intensity that Warriors Of Wrestling brings to the independent scene has clearly put an extreme pressure on the competition and the intensity has also made it far to hard for independent wrestlers to get a main-stay spot on the W.O.W. roster. The W.O.W. school has only seen 4 graduates of the W.O.W. school because the training is only for the most serious of professional wrestling students who truly want to make it in this business. Obviously, the intensity has reached an all time high as someone has felt the need to take matters into their own hands and commit an arsenic crime against W.O.W. to try to bring us down.


This goes to show you that people in this industry just do not understand what Warriors Of Wrestling really is. Warriors Of Wrestling is more than the best independent professional wrestling in NY, it is more than the best pro wrestling school today, and it is more than a second family to all the warriors and fans. Warriors Of Wrestling has a certain mystique to it that no independent wrestling company has had in years. To best define it… Warriors Of Wrestling is a way of life. And you can’t burn or destroy a way of life. You can try to stop that way of life but as any tyrant in the history of this world has ever seen at his demise, a way of life is as immortal as God himself.


You have not stopped Warriors Of Wrestling. You have not slowed down Warriors of Wrestling. You have not even scratched Warriors Of Wrestling. You have only made Warriors Of Wrestling stronger. You have only made Warriors Of Wrestling wiser. You have only made Warriors Of Wrestling better. You have only brought a more powerful belief to the Warriors Of Wrestling faithful. You have only further exposed Warriors Of Wrestling for being what it truly is… and that is THE BEST INDEPENDENT PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING COMPANY GOING TODAY.


If You Can’t Beat Us… Burn Us???

No. You clearly gave it your best shot already.

If You Can’t Beat Us… Just Get The Fuck Out Of The Way.


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  1. I would like to know how much u guys charge for training I was trained before but never finished cause opersonal reasons but want to go back the wrestling industry is the only thing I really love

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