You wake up every morning with the same dream.  You find yourself glued to the TV weeknights.  You sit there a few Sundays a month eying your favorite stars live out their dream…all the while saying “that could be me”.

Now, it’s time to say “it WILL be me”.  The east coast’s premier pro wrestling organization Warriors of Wrestling is now holding its own contest to find the next star student at its “Warrior Warehouse”.  This is the chance to finally live out your dream of becoming a professional wrestler.  The contest will consist of 10 wanna-be wrestlers all competing for the same prize…free tuition to the wrestling school.  That’s right, the winner will get the $500 tuition fee wiped in his quest to learn how to be a pro wrestler.

This contest, known as the “Heart of a Warrior”, will span 10 weeks (every Monday) as these potential winners get their will tested at the hands of the head trainers at the Warrior Warehouse.  Each week, one person will be eliminated based on their performance, leaving one survivor at the end of the competition.  Joey B, Logan Black and Spartan have what they describe as “10 weeks of torture” in store for these prospective students, with the eventual goal of finding a person who embodies the spirit of Warriors of Wrestling…someone with the “Heart of a Warrior”.

The whole contest will be filmed and broadcast in episodes on youtube and the W.O.W. website.  The entire world will be able to see the progression of these students and they fight for a coveted spot in the company.

Applications are being taken right now.  Just email your answers to this questionnaire and you will be notified if you are chosen.  Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity to train with the best!

  1. Name
  2. Age
  3. Height and weight
  4. Where you are from
  5. Experience with sports
  6. Experience in Pro Wrestling
  7. Background on your interest in wrestling
  8. Why you applied for the competition

Please include contact information, as well as a picture of yourself.  Best of luck in showing the “Heart of a Warrior”.  Email all answers to:

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