Fatal 4-Way For The W.O.W. Heavyweight Title Press Release

Warriors of Wrestling returns to Funstation USA on June 11th for a stacked card! But arguably, the biggest match on the card will be a Four Way Match to crown a NEW Warriors of Wrestling Heavyweight Champion!

From March, the WOW Heavyweight Title has been vacant. But unlike some other promotions, it has not been forgotten. The WOW Heavyweight Title was always being thought of, and always the number one priority for all members of the WOW roster! Warriors of Wrestling had a series of Qualifying matches to determine who would be entered into the four way final. It featured the likes of Nick Sabre, Chachi, Joey Ace, Jasin Karloff, Biggie Biggs, Abdul Nasir, John Cannon and TNA/ROH Wrestler Homicide.

At the Funstation in March, “Collision Course” the start of the qualifying matches began. Nick Sabre and Chachi would battle in a fantastic technical contest. The very talented Nick Sabre would get the victory in a hard fought match against the arrogant Chachi. Following that match, Jasin Karloff and Joey Ace would battle. Karloff would get the win and advance in dominant fashion!

Then at “Warehouse Wars 2″ in April, one of 2010′s most intense, controversial wrestlers would step into the ring. The “Syndicates” Abdul Nasir! He would take on the well traveled veteran, Biggie Biggs! These two would have a great match up against each other. But unfortunately for Biggs, Nasir would pick up the victory and gain entry into the Championship match.

At “Full Throttle” in May we would see the conclusion of the Qualifying matches. This would feature recently returning “Preacher” John Cannon and former TNA Superstar and Indy Legend “Notorious 187″ Homicide! Everyone was looking forward to this match, and it did not disappoint! These two had a very hard hitting, technical match that will be remembered for a long time! These two went back and forth until finally, John Cannon picked up the victory! After the match, Homicide would raise the arm of Cannon in a sign of respect.

We are now all set for WOW Heavyweight Title action! It will be former WOW No Limits Champ, Nick Sabre taking on the “Syndicate’s” Abdul Nasir, taking on Jasin Karloff, and John Cannon.

What will happen when former partners Karloff and Cannon step into the ring together again? Will we finally see Nick Sabre live his dream and win the WOW Heavyweight championship!? Will we see Karloff, a man who has torn through ECW Legends, Tommy Dreamer and Axl Rotten rise to the top of Warriors of Wrestling? Will the intense Adbul Nasir have some tricks up his sleeve on his quest to get to the top? Or will John Cannon continue to dominate? Find out June 11th at Funstation USA! 3555 Victory Blvd, Staten Island New York!

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  1. I am the 24 year old bad ass monster. This is my dream and my chance to show the world why I am the real bad ass around New York City. I have it all and I want a shot

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