W.O.W. Caged Aggression II War Games Match Press Release

For years, one match has been synonymous with blood, violence, destruction, pain and carnage! This match is WARGAMES! Wargames returns to Warriors of Wrestling on June 11th at the Funsation USA, 3555 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY!

The feud has been heated. The feud has been violent. The feud has been out of control!!! But you haven’t seen anything yet! At “Caged Aggression” ten men will step through the cage doors and prepare for war. What will happen when then team of “The American Nightmare” of Logan Black and Dirt Bag Dan  and “The Syndicate” of Jack Gallow, Fallah and Nephtali Rodriguez square off against “The Wifebeaters” of Jason Kross, Joey B, Jay Reynolds and The BA Kid and Chris Cartegena.

Let’s look back in WOW’s History. The American Nightmare is quite possibly one of the craziest teams in wrestling today. They have bled everywhere, they have fought everywhere! These guys have done battle in cage matches, in death matches, in ladder matches…. in every match possible. These guys will be at home in the cage for sure, but how will Jack Gallow do in the cage? Jack has never experienced this type of match in his WOW career. Jack may be a beast in a technical contest, but we have yet to see him in a match with this level of violence.

Fallah and Nephtali will also enter the cage. Fallah is a HUGE BEAST that can easily destroy everyone in the cage, but will he be caught up protecting, Rodriguez??? Speaking of Rodriguez, I’ve heard rumors that he’s been training with the best trainers money can buy…. But training can not prepare you for the war you will get when stepping into the cage with a team like the Wifebeaters!

Joey B, Jay Reynolds and Jason Kross are ready to bring the pain at “Caged Aggression”! I caught up with Joey B after The Autism Benefit show (available soon at warriorsofwrestling.com) and he simply had this to say. “Were gonna kill em”. Jason Kross is extremely ready for this match! Kross has made it known that he wants a piece of the man who beat him earlier this year, Jack Gallow. And he also wants revenge on his former business associate Nephtali Rodriguez.

The Wifebeaters found two of the best Warriors available to join them in this epic clash. They got the BA Kid and Chris Cartegena! The BA Kid is a former WOW Heavyweight Champion. One of the best in company history. He teams up his long time friend and tag team partner, Cartegena.

This is gonna be a war!! Two men start, then at set intervals another man will enter, until all ten men have entered the cage. I cant wait for this match…. can you? The only way to see it live is to be with up on Saturday June 11th at Funstation USA, 3555 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY!

It’s time for WAR!!!

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