The Wifebeater Nation has made an impact in W.O.W since it’s beginning, but at Championship Chaos, they might have made their biggest impact of all. The main event was a flag match between The B.A. Kidd and Chris Cartagena, B.A. representing the White Supremacy flag, Cartagena representing the Puerto Rican flag. (A day before the Puerto Rican parade no less.) B.A. Kidd came out on top after a hard fought match, but it didn’t end there. The other four members of the Wifebeater Nation (Jason Kross, Joey B., Jay Reynolds & Gina Nicole) came out and continued the assault on Chris Cartagena which ended in burying him in his own Puerto Rican flag. The show would have ended like that if it wasn’t for All Star Lou & Spartan who rushed the ring in aid of Cartagena. Earlier that evening Spartan and All Star Lou faced off against The Wifebeaters, and were also a victim of a post match assault. It looks like the war between The B.A. Kidd and Chris Cartagena is far from over, and a new war between All Star Lou, Spartan and The Wifebeaters has just started.

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