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On August 2nd, 2008, at the W.O.W Arena in South River New Jersey, wrestling history is going to be made yet again. A special challenge was issued to the current W.O.W Heavyweight Champion Mike Gallagher for a title match at the next W.O.W show. Gallagher accepted the challenge, but was too cocky to even look at the opponent. Too bad for him, the opponent is the “ECW, ROH and Japanese Legend”, “The King of Old School”, Steve Corino. Mike Gallagher tried to get out of this match, but the contract was already signed, and whether he likes it or not, the next challenger for the W.O.W Heavyweight Championship will be Steve Corino. After winning championships and dominating many other wresting promotions, Steve Corino is the heavy favorite in this upcoming championship match. However, “The Smooth Operator” has been counted out many of times, and thus far he has escaped from all challengers as the champion. The ultimate challenge awaits Mike Gallagher on August 2nd. Will Mike Gallagher walk away with the W.O.W Heavyweight Championship once again, or will “The King of Old School” crown himself the “King of W.O.W”?

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