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Payback is turning out to be the most anticipated and best Warriors of Wrestling event yet! The main event however, has been changed numerous times, but now, it will remain certain. “The King of Old School” Steve Corino was tired of seeing Mike Gallagher as the W.O.W Heavyweight Champion, and it turns out, all he had to do was come back in the title picture to see “The Smooth Operator” run out of harms way. Mike Gallagher went from defending the championship, to forfeiting the title without even having the decency of doing it publicly at a W.O.W event. Once known as the top dog in W.O.W, Mike Gallagher now is remembered as the coward afraid to face Steve Corino. However, this allowed the W.O.W Heavyweight Championship to be vacated, and opened the door for the second challenger in this title match, “Simply The Best” Damian Dragon. W.O.W decided the challenger by looking at past title contenders. Damain Dragon was the only contender who did not lose the match he participated in (He was not pinned in the triple threat match t Warriors Unleashed). Now, the cards are on the table, and we a guaranteed to see a new champion crowned at Payback. Will “The King of Old School” Steve Corino add yet another championship to his impressive streak, or will “Simply The Best” Damian Dragon along with the rest of Team Zero be too much to handle for the ECW Legend?

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