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Huge matches on hand for “Big Apple Beatdown”

The east coast’s fastest growing independent promotion Warriors of Wrestling will make its New York debut Saturday January 31st at Funstation USA in Staten Island. “For a company that was supposed to be on ‘borrowed time’, I think we are doing pretty good,” says owner Lou Pelosi. “Everybody who comes to the arena that night is going to witness something special. As always we guarantee entertainment”. Those on hand for the show, aptly titled “Big Apple Beatdown”, will indeed witness the best that independent wrestling has to offer.

After beating defeating “Simply the Best” Damian Dragon for his Heavyweight title, “The Voice” Angelus Valkin was attacked by Jason Kross. The Wifebeater Nation member swore that he would take out whoever was in his way in his quest to be the W.O.W. Champion. Valkin requested a match with Kross at “Big Apple Beatdown”. We have seen “The Voice” destroy everybody that has stood in his path. Will his hatred get the best of him? Or will we see an even more vicious Valkin decimate the competition.

Ever since getting blinded by the Society of Ventrue (via blood being spit in his eye), tag champions Antonio Rivera and his partner Tony Torres (collectively known as the Latin Revolution) have sworn vengeance. They were disqualified at our 1 Year Anniversary Show for their blatant disregard for the rules in their attempt to get even with Preacher John Cannon and Jason Karloff. W.O.W. officials have sanctioned a First Blood Match on January 31st. The first man to bleed will lose the match. Not only will pride and revenge be on the line, but the belts will also be up for grabs.

Warriors of Wrestling offers some of the best tag team action in pro wrestling today. At “Big Apple Beatdown”, we will feature a 3-Way Dance between the Wifebeaters, Hulko and the Irish Bruiser, and The Canucks. W.O.W. owner Lou Pelosi will be watching this match very carefully, as the winner will be in contention to face the tag champions (whoever they may be) at an upcoming show. This match could go to any team in what will surely be a truly unpredictable match.

Speaking of unpredictable matches, in a inter-promotional encounter. W.O.W. vs. W.U.W. Representing the W.O.W. (Warriors of Wrestling) will be the B.A. Kidd, his opponent will be a man currently in W.U.W. (World of Unprofessional Wrestlers) and will be named that night.

ALSO APPEARING AT “BIG APPLE BEATDOWN”: “420 lb Behemoth” Lucifer Darksyde, Thorr, “The American Nightmare” Logan Black, WOW No Limits Champion Maximus “Sex” Power, Johnny Knockout, “Lionheart” Dave Kalypso, and many, many more!!!

Warriors of Wrestling Presents: BIG APPLE BEATDOWN
Live, Saturday, January 31st
At Funstation USA
3555 Victory BLVD. Staten Island, NY
Doors Open 7PM, Belltime 8PM
Front Row $20, General Admission $15

- this show is sanctioned by the NYSAC

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