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W.O.W. makes its return to Staten Island with a huge TLC Main Event.

The east coast’s premier independent wrestling company Warriors of Wrestling will return to Staten Island on April 25th with “Hostile Takeover” at FunStation USA, 3555 Victory BLVD. After drawing a sell-out crowd in New York on their January show, W.O.W. arrives back with what many are calling the most stacked card in company history. “I seriously cannot think of a more fitting name for this show,” quipped owner Lou Pelosi. “Through hard work and determination, we’ve been able to take over wrestling in New York. And the only way for us to go…is up”.

The fans at “Big Apple Beatdown” were guaranteed a TLC match in April. It would pit the W.O.W. Tag Champions The Latin Revolution against #1 Contenders The Wifebeaters. However, due to the results of their match at “Krossing the Line”, the odd pairing of The BA Kid and Chris Cartagena will join in on the action. Cartagena and BA Kid defeated the Wifebeaters in their match, and Lou Pelosi has seen it fit to add them to the bout. In the past, BA Kid has tagged with the Wifebeaters AGAINST Cartagena and the Latin Revolution. Not only do you have an insane amount of hostility and hatred between the Wifebeaters and the Latin Revolution, but the addition of the third team (who barely can balance their own hatred) can only make things more volatile.

At “Krossing the Line”, Damian Dragon won his right to challenge W.O.W. Heavyweight Champion Jason Kross in a title match. However, “The Voice” Angelus Valkin still hasn’t gotten the match guaranteed to him in his rematch clause. W.O.W. officials have decided to put the title on the line in a Three Way Dance. The rules are simple: it is an elimination style match, last man standing keeps the title. Can Damian Dragon fight his way back to the top of Warriors of Wrestling? Will Angelus Valkin reclaim the Heavyweight Championship? Or will Jason Kross prove that he is every bit as good as he claims to be?

In the past few months, we have seen a side of “Lionheart” Dave Kalypso that we couldn’t have predicted. “The American Nightmare” Logan Black and his partner in crime Dirtbag Dan have made Kalypso’s life in W.O.W. a living hell. Kalypso has responded with outbursts of rage that are extremely uncharacteristic. Logan Black and Dirtbag Dan initially felt proud of the fact they “exposed” Kalypso. But now, “The Lionheart” returns with a vengeance…and a partner. He has enlisted the help of Steve Camacho to take on the opposing duo. Fans could expect this one to be a straight up brawl, and somebody…if not everybody…might be unable to walk away.

In addition to all of this wrestling action, former W.O.W. No Limits Champion Maximus Sex Power returns with “The Power Hour”. Being given his own personal talk show segment has proven to be costly to Power, as the outcome of the inaugural addition cost him his No Limits title. Without the belt in hand, it should be very interesting to see what Max Power has to say at “Hostile Takeover”

ALSO APPEARING AT “HOSTILE TAKEOVER”: New No Limits Champion Nick Sabre, “420 Lbs Monster” Lucifer Darksyde, K-Von Brown, Ken Scampi, JT Highlander, Dan Dillinger, Thorr, Johnny Knockout, Hulko and the Irish Bruiser, and much more!!!

Warriors of Wrestling presents
Live! April 25th
FunStation USA
3555 Victory BLVD
Staten Island, NY 10314
Front Row $20, GA $15

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