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Over the past few months, Jason Kross has been stalked by a mystery man. Videos started appearing here on warriorsofwrestling.com, and at Caged Aggression he took action. After Jason Kross controversially but successfully defended his W.O.W Heavyweight Championship in a Steel Cage match against Angelus Valkin, he thought the night was over. On his way back to the locker room, and masked man came from the crowd, attacked him from behind, and ran out of the arena. This hit and run angered the Heavyweight Champion, and Jason Kross vowed to get to the bottom of this. The most recent video (click here to view) hints at two possible targets for this mystery man. The first, being “Smooth” Mike Gallagher. He left Warriors Of Wrestling last year after he cowered out of a championship match against Steve Corino, which before then, he was W.O.W’s undefeated W.O.W Heavyweight Champion. Could the former champion be targeting the current champion? The second hinted suspect is Tim Arson. Appearing in W.O.W for a very short time, he challenged then champion Mike Gallagher, lost, and was never heard of again. Could any of these two men be the mystery man? It’s only a matter of time before Jason Kross and all of the W.O.W fans find out who this mystery man really is.

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