December 5th, 2009 marks Warriors Of Wrestling’s 2 year anniversary, and will be W.O.W’s biggest event yet. This historic show already has a stacked card, and now it becomes even better. W.O.W has signed it’s first Unsanctioned Match where Joey B. and Tim Arson can finally have a one on one fight. Tim Arson has been wrestling for many years, and he even is a former member of the W.O.W roster. Arson left W.O.W because of personal issues with Joey B. Before this, Joey B, and Tim Arson were considered close friends. Tim Arson left W.O.W along with Pete Simmons and former W.O.W Heavyweight Champion Mike Gallagher. All three men were W.O.W Heavyweight Title contenders, and their sudden decision to leave was a intended attack on W.O.W. Joey B. may have never been a fan favorite here in W.O.W, but he made it a duty to himself to eliminate these three traitors of W.O.W. It turns out, that W.O.W didn’t need any of them to succeed, as W.O.W only became stronger after their absence, but that didn’t stop Joey B. Pete Simmons suffered an injury which sidelined him from wrestling until this day. Mike Gallagher retired from the sport of wrestling. The only threat left in Joey’s eyes is Tim Arson. Tim Arson admits to wanting to hurt W.O.W in his departure, but has then not wished any more harm on W.O.W, and even notified W.O.W Commissioner Joe Miller that he does not want to be looked at as an enemy anymore. Joey B. however does not want bygones to be bygones. After numerous attempts to call out Tim Arson to a fight, Joey B. received no reply. Joey B. even made this fight more personal by targeting Arson’s newborn acquired son, stating that if Arson doesn’t fight him like a man he will punt his month old son. Arson has tried to ignore Joey B. for months, but that was the last straw. Arson contacted W.O.W and demanded a match against Joey B. W.O.W decided not to resign Arson as a member of the roster, but would allow him to get his shot against W.O.W wrestler Joey B. Now, over a year after becoming enemies, Arson and Joey B. finally get to tear each other apart in a Unsanctioned Match at the biggest show in W.O.W history.

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