First off I’d like to say that there were a ton of wrestling shows in the New York area this weekend. While I would love to have been to all of them, that just isn’t possible. I ended up choosing Warriors of Wrestling solely based on the fact that I have seen their show before (in Brooklyn). Kinda sucky that I had to go all the way out to Staten Island, but after the show I knew I made the right choice. Needless to say, I will definitely be following this company from now on.

The show started out with the Tag Team Title match. The Society of Ventrue, who I saw destroy each other in a death match and reform in Brooklyn, took the belts off the Church of Hierarchy. The SOV really looked solid as a team and were a total throwback to the days of the old school tag teams. Jason Karloff looks like a monster out there…reminds me a bit of Taz during his first UFC inspired run in ECW.

Next up was Nick Sabre vs. Chris Steeler. I remember both these guys from years ago in IWF. But this was definitely not an IWF show. Very good match. I’d put my money on Steeler to be a guy to break out soon. There’s something about him that really seemed to connect with the crowd, despite the guy jawing with them the whole match.

Third was another tag match. Fallah and Brian Harley (what his shirt said…don’t remember him from Brooklyn) against El Musky and Rude Boy Riley. Musky is supposed to be a joke wrestler, and it was kinda obvious. Match was good for what they were looking to do. Riley stuck out with some nice moves, and Fallah and Harley were made to look like monsters.

Not going to cover the in-ring angle that followed because I really wasn’t too sure about it since I haven’t followed the product strongly. Crowd seemed to get it though. American Nightmare jumped Chris Banks.

Heavyweight title match was next. Jason Kross, the champion took on Abdul Nasir. I gotta say I love the old school anti-American gimmick a la Sheiky Baby and Nikolai Volkoff. Nasir isn’t quite as over the top. But he prays on the anti-Muslim sentiment in the U.S. right now. Great old school style match. If you have ever talked to me, you know how much of a fan I am of the old school. This match would have fit in perfectly in the late 80’s, polyester suited heel manager included.

Intermission was a mob scene…this company really knows how to market merchandise and their wrestlers. Something I truly wish some other companies would try to do.

Jack Gallow vs. Joey Ace vs. Antonio Rivera in a “No Limits” match was next. Not too sure what “No Limits” is but if this match is an indication, I’m all about it. Very good match. I’ve seen Gallow work at ACE Pro Wrestling. His work is always solid. The finish was blown by the ref, which took the life out of what was a good match. Unfortunate, but I still liked it.

There was an insane amount of hoopla for the next match. A huge Narcissist Lex Luger entrance for Absolutely Latino (ChaChi and Absolutely Edwin). It was almost a bit too over the top for an indy show, but I think this was awesome. I want to focus on this for a second. A lot of my issue with wrestling today is that there is nobody who seems larger than life. Only at Wrestlemania do we get these big larger than life entrances that show off an almost superhuman character. Indy shows will have smoke and lights, but aren’t really taken advantage of. When these guys came out, they looked like stars and were treated as such. Even though this was an indy show and none of these guys have exposure, this huge entrance made things so much bigger than they were. You are forced by default to invest your interest in these guys. Anyway, they took on Glitz and Glamour. Probably the best match of the night. Everything seemed to gel and both teams had the crowd by the balls. Especially Glitz and Glamour. I have been to a ton of indy shows, and rarely do a debuting wrestler or team get any reaction, and with good reason. These guys got huge cheers early on. Maybe they sold a ton of tickets, but that is doubtful. This didn’t seem like that kinda show.

Post match, Earn EZ walks out and interrupts the Absolutely Latino team. Earn EZ is the indy John Cena, minus the muscles and mansion. He plays the white boy wannabe pretty well, though he botched his in ring promo terribly. Crowd still laughed, and he had a quick match with the lackey for Absolutely Latino, Jose Salvador. Salvador wins with a nice frog splash. Otherwise, nothing to memorable.

Main event was sold as “Joey B’s last match”. It was a tornado tag match pitting Joey and Nero vs the American Nightmare. I’m not at all a fan of Handicap matches, as I feel there doesn’t end up being enough in ring action and they same story is told each time. Once again, I was proven wrong. This was a fun brawl between the two teams. Oddly, the crowd began to chant “This is wrestling”. To be honest, there was no wrestling going on, but it was a good brawl. Rude Boy Riley made his second appearance to save Joey and Nero, but got cut off with a vicious lariat from Logan Black. Lots of highspots that managed to flow together well until Chris Banks came out for the save. Again, I’m not up on the story lines here, but the crowd went nuts for this guy. He ends up kicking ass and pulling Joey on top for the win.

In the End: I was very surprised by a lot of things about this show. First of all, this is one of the hardest working locker rooms I have ever seen. Regardless of how good the match was, you could tell each guy was giving the crowd all he had. Second, W.O.W. seems to take their shows a bit more seriously, with storylines and character development. Honestly, how many indy shows have multiple tables just for the merch for their wrestlers? I didn’t happen to buy any of them (damn unemployment), but I still think it made the environment of the show pretty awesome. Lastly, the wrestling itself was top notch despite there being no real indy stars or former TV names on the card. The arena was packed and that really added to the show as they were hot all night. W.O.W. is really something special in a day and age where indy companies are a dime a dozen. I will definitely be there March 10th for their next show.

- Andy McAdams

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