1 Year ago we had a few guys that looked like they came out of the projects, now we have guys that look like there ready for T.V – W.O.W Owner Joey B.

When most people hear the term “independent wrestling” there are a lot of negative connotations that come along with it. They think of low or no budget, low profile shows consisting of untrained wannabe wrestlers. They think of guys wrestling in Under Armor apparel, board shorts, with the most expensive pair of apparel they have on being kick-pads. Half of the wrestlers are out of shape, underage, over age, and most importantly, untrained. The bottom line is that a lot of the time independent wrestling gets compared to beer-league softball. 

However, for the past 4 years, and now more than ever, Warriors of Wrestling is proving everybody wrong. The talent scale has gone higher and higher since WOW was founded in 2007. In the past the Warriors of Wrestling staff had been forced to settle for the wrestlers they could find.  Maybe the problem was that not everybody had “the look” or the skills to get far in this business but with crafty shorelines, a hiding of the negatives and the shining of the positives Warriors of Wrestling has now become a place where young guys want to go to get trained and wrestlers want to get booked. 

These days Warriors of Wrestling has been able to be more selective in the talent pool they use. W.O.W now contains guys who look like they are stars, and in turn act like they are stars. Nero, Chris Steeler, Joey Ace, Jack Gallow, Absolutely Edwin,  Stride and Foster (Next Gen Picture) are all young, hungry talent trying to make a name for themselves in professional wrestling and they are going to Warriors of Wrestling to do so. This is for a reason, and that reason is the professionalism that W.O.W prides itself on. Say what you want about promoter Joey B. but at the end of the day he is the only promoter promoting shows with talent that isn’t seen across the country. W.O.W is not pulling out former WWE talent for every show just to make a dollar; they aren’t booking independent names who work for Ring of Honor, Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Combat Zone Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Guerilla, or Chikara. Of course, once in a while W.O.W will book a guy like Tommy Dreamer, Homicide, or Big Vito as a special treat for the fans, but not for every show. 

Warriors of Wrestling is building their own name by investing time and money into their own talent. In return, W.O.W has a quality brand with a roster full of wrestlers who all want to be the best and have great matches everytime they step through the curtain. On January 28th W.O.W presented a show titled “Next Gen” that was considered by most to be the best show in the history of W.O.W. The draw was very large and the most interesting part about it is that in this day and age it was not one single wrestler that created the draw but rather a hard working locker-room and solid story lines. The only matches announced were a Heavyweight Title match between W.O.W Heavyweight Champion Jason Kross vs. former champ Abdul Nasir, a Tag Team Title match between the Church of the Hierarchy (Scotty Priest and Irish Bruiser) vs. the Society of Ventrue (Jasin Karloff and John Cannon) and finally the main event of the evening, Joey B.’s “One Last Match”: Joey B. and Nero vs. The American Nightmare (Logan Black, Dirt Bag Dan and Benjamin Quinn). There were no names mentioned who have ever touched a national company and yet W.O.W is consistently packing in every show and scratching and crawling through the ranks of independent wrestling. 

2012 is a new year and W.O.W started the new year off with a bang. Throughout 2012 Warriors of Wrestling will continue making their own names one step at a time. Could 2012 be the year of the Warriors?

Written by Justin Miller

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