Hardcore matches, old school wrestling, lucha libre, a healthy tag team division, captivating storylines, die hard fans, and arguably the best booking on the smaller Independent Circuit. I know what you may be thinking and no, Paul Heyman is not involved and the three letters the fans chant are not E-C-W. These fans are hollering

W-O-W for Warriors of Wrestling.

WOW is headed by Joey Bellini, created because he and a few other wrestlers were sick of the promotion they were working with and the problems they faced. Two years later they are creating a buzz along the Indy’s as having some of the most complete shows in recent memory. This buzz has not gone unnoticed either, as they will be highlighted in an upcoming independent documentary produced by TBDProduction.

The most impressive thing about WOW is the fact that not one person involved has any relation to WWE, TNA, or any other big name promotions in history. That’s right there is no has-been or never-was putting in lousy insight like there is in many other Independent promotions. WOW management, unlike other promotions, understand the business and know what they have to do to get their promotion over and they’re doing it completely right. I have to say I get more excited to see WOW shows than I do for some PPV events because I know I will get my money’s worth.

Bottom line WOW, although being small, is arguably the best Indy promotion in all of the circuit.

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