Literally the W.O.W. Tag Team division put on another WOW performance. For the first time the new, defending Tag Team Champs the Dynamic Express put up their titles against the first ever W.O.W. tag team champs the American Nightmare and the former champs The Wifebeaters. The task set before them was not easy but the young explosive team were up for the challenge. And so it began. The match started off in a frenzy with everybody hitting everybody. When Dirt Bag Dan was outside the ring he raised a chair to hit the Wifebeaters All Star Lou came flying out of middle ropes only to grab the chair Dirt Bag Dan raised and smash Jay Reynolds in the face. Fast forward to when Spartan and Logan Black were battling on the apron, finally Black gained the upper hand and gave Spartan a pile driver through a table from the apron to the floor. Later on in the match All Star Lou was climbing a ladder to grab and regain the titles when the Wifebeaters used “Domestic Violence” on the ladder to knock down Lou and recapture the Tag Team Championships.

Written By Salvatore Brucculeri

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