The east coasts fastest growing independent wrestling organization Warriors of Wrestling makes its return to Staten Island with “LAST MAN STANDING”. This show has been aptly titled such because of the main event stipulation, finally putting an end to the long running feud between #1 Contender Damien Dragon and Heavyweight Champion Jason Kross. “This feud has been built up to a boiling point…things are on the verge of exploding” said W.O.W. Commissioner Joe Miller. “And it will explode in front of each and every fan there on May 1st. They are in for something special”.

Damien Dragon is a former Warriors of Wrestling Heavyweight champion. Early in 2009, he made an attempt to get the belt back from Jason Kross…unsuccessfully. Dragon took some time off, leaving Kross to dominate the division. Dragon revealed himself to be the masked stalker that had terrorized Jason Kross for the better part of the summer. Damien has taken the fight to Kross since then. However, by hook or crook, Kross has found a way to walk out with the belt every time. At our last show, “SECOND CHANCES”, Jason Kross was even able to get Damien Dragon’s valet Foxy Foxxy fired, pushing the stipulation that anybody who interfered would get fired. At this upcoming show, the only stipulation is a guaranteed winner. The people will see a clear victor in this long running feud. The loser of this match is the man who cannot get back to his feet by a ten count. The only thing that is certain about this match is that we will see a definite winner on May 1st.

The feud between former tag partners Jasin Karloff and John Cannon (formerly the Society of Ventrue) will also see a guaranteed end. After turning on his partner and manager Sypra, Jasin Karloff has been on a rampage. He nearly broke Spyra in half by spearing her at “SECOND CHANCES”. John Cannon has returned, looking for his revenge. Both men will be involved in a Body Bag Match. To win, you must zip your opponent up in a body bag. One of the most truly hate-filled feuds in W.O.W. will see an end…in the most gruesome means possible.

In addition to all the great action W.O.W. provides, there will be a special autograph signing from WWE Legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka from 6-8 PM before the show. Be sure to check this out before sitting down to enjoy the guaranteed best wrestling entertainment in New York.

Also Appearing At Last Man Standing: Tag Team Champions the Wifebeaters, No Limits Champion Chris Banks, Sitcom Superstar Hulko, Neftali Rodriguez’s Syndicate, Biggie Bigs, The American Nightmare, JT Highlander, The Latin Revolution, Lucifer Darksyde, and much much more!

Warriors of Wrestling Presents Last Man Standing
Live! May 1st
At FunStation USA
3555 Victory Blvd
Staten Island, NY 10314
Doors Open 7PM, Belltime 8PM
Front Row $20, GA $15

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