W.O.W. Goes Extreme With Tommy Dreamer!
ECW Legend headlines stacked card in June!

The northeast’s most exciting independent promotion Warriors of Wrestling comes back to New York on June 12th with “Extreme Heat”. The event takes place at FunStation USA, 3555 Victory Blvd. in Staten Island. Fans, wrestlers, and W.O.W. officials are very excited for this upcoming super card. “We just keep ‘one-upping’ ourselves for the benefit of the fans”, remarked Warriors of Wrestling commissioner Joe Miller. “We already had ECW Legend Steve Corino in our locker room, and now we go one level above and get not only a legend in ECW…not only a legend in WWE…but a true legend of this business in Tommy Dreamer.”

While Dreamer was blazing his path to glory in WWE and solidifying his hardcore image, W.O.W. mainstay Jasin Karloff was making fans cringe at the sheer brutality of his matches. After defeating his former partner Preacher John Cannon in what many consider one of the most violent matches in W.O.W. history, officials have given Karloff the opportunity to prove himself against a hardcore icon. Many are looking at this match like it could be as violent as Warriors of Wrestling has seen. Karloff has commented that he expects Dreamer to “pass the torch” like Terry Funk did to him in the days of ECW. Dreamer, however, has other plans. Could this be the beginning of another run for Tommy Dreamer? Or could it be the end of the line?

After months of infighting, the former tag team the Canucks will finally do battle against each other in a Canadian Deathmatch. JT Highlander and No Limits Champion Chris Banks have held a heated rivalry for the better part of the last 4 months, and W.O.W. commissioner Joe Miller has given both men a chance to settle this is an extremely violent fashion. Anything and everything is legal in this match. With an already brutal main event booked at “Extreme Heat”, this match aims to top it and guarantees lots of blood.

Commissioner Miller will have his hands full at “Extreme Heat” as well. His feud with Syndicate manager Nephtali Rodriguez has finally come to a boil, and he has put his job on the line in a match against the entire Syndicate stable (Dan Dillinger, Thor, KVon Brown, Fallah and Abdul Nasir). Miller has organized his own hand-picked team of wrestlers consisting of The B.A. Kid, Biggie Biggs, Nick Sabre, and the Latin Revolution (Tony Torres and Antonio Rivera). Miller aims to shut Rodriguez up for good, but in the same vein, runs the risk of losing his job to the richest man in pro wrestling. The confidence level for both Rodriguez and Miller to agree to such terms must be high, as both teams fight for the privilege to call Warriors of Wrestling their own.

Also Scheduled To Appear At “Extreme Heat”: Jason Kross and Tag Team Champions the Wifebeaters, Sitcom Superstar Hulko, The Dynamic Express, W.O.W. Heavyweight champion Damien Dragon, Maximus Sex Power, The American Nightmare, AND MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

Warriors of Wrestling Presents
“Extreme Heat”
Live! June 12
At FunstationUSA
3555 Victory Blvd.
Staten Island, NY
Doors open 7PM, Bell time 8PM
General Admission $15, Front Row $20

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