“…8-9-10! Your winner, and new Warriors Of Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, Damian Dragon!!” That may have been a proud day for a lot of warriors on the roster and newly crowned WOW Heavyweight Champion Damian Dragon, but one warrior was far from proud. Battered, beaten, and unsuccessful are all words used to describe the loser of the Last Man Stand Match for the heavyweight title, Jason Kross. As was seen during a backstage interview, for the first time in his career, Kross was at a loss for words. While the other members of the Wifebeater Nation, Jay Reynolds and Joey B., were trying to console Kross, he still remained speechless. Although the night did not turn out in Kross’s favor, it is without a doubt that he is anything but discouraged. The former champ is far from a quitter and now, he is angrier than ever before. His disdain and hatred for Dragon and every warrior that came out to congratulate him after his victory has grown and each warrior is now on the “hit list” of Jason Kross. But before he starts his path back to the top; before he starts crossing (no pun intended) out the names on his “hit list”; before he tries to recapture the Warriors Of Wrestling Heavyweight Championship, there is one challenge that lies ahead of him… And that challenge is the returning warrior known simply as Pete Simmons.

That’s right! At “Extreme Heat!”, former warrior “The Answer” Pete Simmons will be making his return and is planning on making a statement against the fallen ex-champ Jason Kross. Pete Simmons’s last match at Warriors Of Wrestling was when he teamed with Tim Arson to go against Damian Dragon and his former side kick Ken Scampi. Simmons was victorious that night and has got to be planning on picking up right where he left off, in victory’s lane.

If Simmons beats Kross and continues to win after “Extreme Heat!”, it is only a matter of time before WOW management can recognize him as a Number 1 Contender. If Kross defeats Simmons, who will Kross’s first victim be on his “hit list” of retribution? Most importantly, could this match between Jason Kross and Pete Simmons have the potential to be a classic? Find out at Warriors Of Wrestling presents “Extreme Heat!”

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