Howell charity show is back where it all began

The east coast’s most prominent independent wrestling company Warriors of Wrestling comes back to New Jersey with “Burning Down the House”. The show takes place on July 17 at the Howell Elks Lodge (84 Ramtown-Greenville Road) in Howell, NJ. This marks a return for W.O.W. to the state where they began running shows 3 years ago. “We are all very excited to come back to what once was our home,” said one member of W.O.W. management. “The people of New Jersey have always shown us love, and it has been a while since we have come back. Now they get to see how much the company has grown and how fantastic our shows have become.”

With Nephtali Rodriguez in power as commissioner, he has pushed his talent to the top of the card. His first line of action as giving Syndicate member K-Von Brown a No Limits Title Shot against “Mr. No Limits” Chris Banks. Regardless of the politics of such booking, K-Von has proven himself to be a star in the division, showcasing incredible high-flying offense. Chris Banks has proven to be a fighting champion who refuses to part ways with the belt. In the end, the fans are guaranteed to get an extremely exciting match that just might steal the show on the 17th.

At our last show “Extreme Heat”, Lucifer Darksyde was savagely attacked by Maximus Sex Power. Max took our Darksyde’s leg with a chair, with the 420 lb. man having to be helped to the back for the first time in W.O.W. While his leg is still not 100%, he has requested to take on Max Power on July 17th. Max is at a strong advantage in this one, both physically and mentally. Will this injury cause Darksyde to get pinned for the first time in W.O.W.?

The team of Hulko and the Irish Bruiser have had a storied past with Tag Team Champions the Wifebeaters. At “Extreme Heat”, Irish Bruiser pinned Joey B for the 3 count. However, the referee was knocked out, and when a new ref entered the ring to make the count, the decision was reversed. The people in attendance who thought they saw a title change were sadly mistaken. There will be a rematch at “Burning Down the House”, and W.O.W. officials have convened to make sure this one goes to finish.

ALSO APPEARING AT “BURNING DOWN THE HOUSE”: JT Highlander, “The Nineteenth Key” Jasin Karloff, Jason Kross, Fallah, Biggie Bigs, Antonio Rivera, BA Kid, Thor, The Dynamic Express, Scotty Priest, The American Nightmare, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

Warriors of Wrestling Presents
Live! July 17th
At the Howell Elks Lodge
84 Ramtown-Greenville Road
Howell, NJ 07731
Bell Time 5PM
Adult Tickets $15, Children $10

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