Warriors of Wrestling comes back to NY with huge main event

The east coast leading independent wrestling company Warriors of Wrestling returns to New York with “Ultimate Survival”. This is one of the most popular events among the fans, and has been asked about since last year. The event takes place on July 31st at Funstation USA (3555 Victory Blvd. in Staten Island). “For an entire year, we have been flooded with emails concerning the Ultimate Survival match” one W.O.W. official stated. “The people enjoyed the Royal Rumble Style match we had last year…now, with a title shot on the line, we’re going to see who really wants to make it to the top of W.O.W.”

At “Extreme Heat”, Nephtali Rodriguez won the role of commissioner from Joe Miller. With this new position, Rodriguez and his Syndicate find themselves with almost unlimited power. He has already stated that he will bring in a new ring announcer for his Syndicate’s matches. In addition, he has sworn to shake things up with the roster, whether his decisions are popular with the fans or not. Will Nephtali Rodriguez’s actions break Warriors of Wrestling down to the core? And will somebody step up to the challenge of challenging the commissioner?

Jasin Karloff gained himself a Heavyweight title shot after beating Tommy Dreamer at “Extreme Heat”. He will get his shot at “Ultimate Survival” against current champion Damien Dragon. Karloff has proven himself to be a destructive force in W.O.W., winning in almost all of his hardcore matches. However, this time, he will be facing a consummate technical wrestler in Dragon. Does Karloff have what it takes to dethrone the only two time champion in W.O.W. history?

In the main event, we will see for the second time the Ultimate Survival match. This is a 30 man over the top rope Royal Rumble-style match. The last man in the ring when all the other wrestlers have been eliminated will gain himself a Heavyweight title shot against whoever the champion may be at the time.

ALSO SCHEDULED TO APPEAR AT “ULTIMATE SURVIVAL”: Tag team champions the Wifebeaters, No Limits Champion Mr. No Limits Chris Banks, The Dynamic Express, “The Answer” Pete Simmons, The American Nightmare, BA Kid, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

Warriors of Wrestling Presents
Ultimate Survival
Live! July 31
At Funstation USA
3555 Victory Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10314
Doors open 7PM, Bell time 8PM
Front Row $20, General Admission $15

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