Main event change at “Red, White and Bruised”!

Commissioner Rodriguez feels the heat of summer.
Newly appointed Warriors of Wrestling Commissioner Nephtali Rodriguez is already feeling the pressure of the job. Not only has he gained the disdain of the majority of the locker room (save for his Syndicate), but has also gained the ire of W.O.W. officials with his choice of matchmaking. Rodriguez aimed to hand over the W.O.W. Heavyw…eight title to his client Abdul Nasir at “Ultimate Survival”, only to have that blow up in his face courtesy of the B.A. Kidd. Rodriguez booked the main event of the September 11th show “Red, White and Bruised” to be champion B.A. Kid against Abdul Nasir (once again). Normally, this would be fine…

However, Lucifer Darksyde won the Ultimate Survival match, outlasting 29 other men to guarantee himself a title shot at the next W.O.W. show. In addition, Jasin Karloff defeated former champion Damian Dragon to secure himself a spot as the number one contender. With both Karloff and Darksyde finding themselves at the top of the W.O.W. ladder, it should have been an obvious pick for who faced B.A. Kid at “Red, White And Bruised”. Commissioner Rodriguez has the power…and has such once again put his client in the title picture. Nobody can deny that Abdul Nasir is a strong opponent to anybody who he is facing, but W.O.W. officials have fought the commissioner on his hand-picked choice for number one contender.

All sides have reached an agreement. Commissioner Nephtali Rodriguez will get his wish and the B.A. Kid will face Abdul Nasir on September 11th. In addition, Jasin Karloff and Lucifer Darksyde will battle things out to solidify who is the number one contender for the Warriors of Wrestling Heavyweight Title at that show. The winner of that match will face the heavyweight champion, whoever it may be, at our 3 Year Anniversary Show at the end of the year. This is a chance for either man to win the heavyweight title on W.O.W.’s grandest stage.

On the other hand, you must keep your eye on Nephtali Rodriguez. If he was able to weasel his way into the main even for “Red, White and Bruised” on September 11th, time will only tell what he can come up with next…

Also scheduled for this event:

W.O.W Tag Team Championship
The Wifebeaters (c) vs. The Syndicate’s Kvon Brown & Dan Dillinger

The Dynamic Express vs. The American Nightmare

“Red White and Bruised”
Live! September 11th, 2010
At Funstation USA
3555 Victory Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10314
Doors open 7PM, Belltime 8PM
Front Row $20, General Admission $15

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