Yearly “Livewire” event set to electrify

The east coast’s premier pro wrestling company Warriors of Wrestling makes it return to Fast Break in Staten Island with “Livewire”. The show will take place on Saturday, October 20th at Fast Break (236 Richmond Valley Road). “We were extremely happy with the reception we got last time we came to Fast Break” commented Commissioner Joe Miller. “’Livewire’ has always been a top notch show for us. Now it is time to show everybody that we can continue our momentum with an awesome show at this wonderful new venue”.

The tag team division in W.O.W. has been heating up as of late. Now standing on top of the division, Glitz and Glamour are looking to defend their belts against only the best that the company has to offer. Warriors of Wrestling has put together a special Tag Team Gauntlet match to decide the number one contenders for the Tag Team titles later that night. The match will be comprised of The Church of Hierarchy, Gallow and Kross, The Society of Ventrue, Absolutely Latino, Corino and Merrimen, Fallah and Harley, and the Hooligans. The team that makes it to the end of the match will be declared the winner and face off against Glitz and Glamour. Warriors of Wrestling’s tag division is set to implode on October 20th!
After putting forth an “offer he couldn’t refuse”, Nephtali Rodriguez and his Syndicate were livid at the eventual decision of Chris “Show” Steeler to not join the group. After attacking Steeler, Chris Banks came out and made the save, certainly causing some major heat between both groups. The score will be settled on October 20th as The Syndicates Monster Roman and Heavyweight Champion “Alpha Male of the Syndicate” Abdul Nasir take on “Mr. No Limits” Chris Banks and Ultimate Survival Winner Chris “Show” Steeler. With a great deal of pride riding on this match, how will things unfold for the makeshift team of Banks and Steeler?

After the events leading all the way back to Ultimate Survival, Joey B has finally agreed to a match with former W.O.W. star Spartan. At Warehouse Wars VI, Spartan attacked the returning B.A. Kid and let his feeling for the owner of the company be known. Having had enough, Joey B has set up an unsanctioned match that he has stated will “resemble a street fight more than anything in a wrestling match”. Spartan has agreed, and the two are ready to settle the score once and for all at “Livewire”.

After winning a match to guarantee a No Limits title shot, former champion Antonio Rivera is set to take on the current No Limits Champion “The American Nightmare” Logan Black. This is not the first meeting these two have had, and there is plenty of bad blood stemming between these two going back all the way to our first year where Rivera’s tag team Latin Revolution defeated the American Nightmare team for the Tag Team Titles. With no rules and everything on the line, will the building be able to contain a match of this magnitude?

ALSO SCHEDULED TO APPEAR AT “LIVEWIRE”: Biggie Bigs, Jose Salvador, Majin Prince Nero, Rude Boy Riley, Damien Kahn, Five Star Stud Joey Ace, AND MUCH MORE!!!

Warriors of Wresting presents “Livewire”
Live! October 20th
At Fast Break
236 Richmond Valley Road
Staten Island, NY 10309
Doors Open 7PM, Bell Time 8PM
Front Row $20, General Admission $15
Call 917-903-1347 for more information

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