This past Saturday at the 2/8/14 Warriors of Wrestling show “Cold Fury”, B.A.Kidd (Alexis Hernandez) suffered a serious orbital bone fracture, as well as an abrasion on his cornea, in his match against Antonio Rivera, when Rivera drove a nightstick to the eye of Hernandez.

Warriors of Wrestling official Bryan Blaney who stopped the match said, “There was no question that Rivera’s intention was to seriously injure B.A….the only logical thing for me to do at that point and time was to stop the match.” The full extent of the injury as of press time is not known, in terms of how his vision will be affected or when he will be able to compete, should that even be an option.

Immediately following the match Hernandez was sent to the hospital to be furthered examined. Rumors then circulated that Hernandez was under intensive care, this proved to be false, however it was determined that surgery would be required to repair the eye.

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  1. I hope B.a gets better real soon. It seems to me that he just recovered from the broken leg and got back to the ring, now this.
    B.a not only has the HEART of a WARRIOR, he shows everyone that he is a TRUE WARRIOR and is WOW STRONG!

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