7 Year Anniversary Show proves to be do or die for two major superstars

The east coast’s premier pro wrestling company Warriors of Wrestling sets its sights on closing another year of its history with our “7 Year Anniversary Show”. The show will take place on December 6th at Funstation USA (3555 Victory Blvd., Staten Island, NY). “It seems like only yesterday I was a brought in as a part of this company, but this history of W.O.W. goes back much longer,” commented Commissioner Rob Blatt. “We have been one of the longest running companies in the NYC area and there is no sign of us stopping. This show will start off year 8 with a bang!”

The final chance for W.O.W. to dethrone the long reigning heavyweight co-champions Team Torment will come on December 6th. Jason Kross and Jack Gallow have run a roughshod over the company in recent months. With surprise run ins, cheap tactics and plenty of help from their personal security, they have been able to stay Heavyweight Champions for quite some time. Winning the Ultimate Survival match, Jasin Karloff will be the challenger to this match…if not for Chris Steeler, who won a title match at his choosing and will be cashing in that opportunity in the main event at the 7 Year Anniversary Show. With the odds finally even, we may see Warriors of Wrestling come out on top…however, Team Torment may just have one more trick up their sleeve.

Aaron Stride was able to weasel his way into a title shot against current No Limits Champion Joey Ace by winning (in cheap fashion) his match at “Warriors Revenge”. Ace has been ready to take on all comers since winning the title, even beating 5 other people at that same show and 4 others to win the title in the first place. He will once again have the odds against him, as Josh Maddox is never far from Stride and always looks to get involved when he can.

After an impressive victory over former WWE Superstars Too Cool, EYFBO (Draztik and Ortiz) set their sights on a massive threat December 6th. Facing them that night will be the Puerto Rican Hate Club, comprised of Dan Maff and Havok. We have seen in the past what Maff has done, always being a legitimate threat to anyone he faces. Now, with another sizable man as his partner, they aim to take the gold away from “The Funky Monkey” and “The Real Deal”. Can EYFBO hold on to their titles? Or will that night usher in the era of “Hate” on top?


ALSO SCHEDULED TO APPEAR AT “7 YEAR ANNIVERSARY SHOW”: Rude Boy Riley, “American Nightmare” Logan Black, Nephtali Rodriguez and Abdul Nasir, Fallah and Harley, Preacher John Cannon and the Order of Chaos, BA Kid, and MUCH MUCH MORE!!!

Warriors of Wrestling Presents
7 Year Anniversary Show
LIVE! December 6th
At Funstation USA
3555 Victory Blvd.
Staten Island, NY 10314
Doors open 7PM, Bell Time 8PM
Front Row $20, General Admission $15
Go to warriorsofwrestling.com for more info or call 917-903-1347

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