Fans in attendance on December 5th were witness to one of the most appalling  scenes to ever happen in a W.O.W. ring. Some are still trying to process what  they saw, while others are asking what is the next step for the company.

In the main event, Team Torment was victorious when the masked man who attacked  Joey B months back was revealed as former senior referee Will DeMooch. DeMooch made the final count in the match after interference from both Team Torment .

security and Jason Kross’ wife Courtnee Rae. The TV tandem walked into the new year still the W.O.W. heavyweight champions.

Warriors of Wrestling officials are still trying to work within the legal confines of how to address this situation.

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  1. Team Torment needs a group of thugs to win.
    They can’t win on their own. .

    WOW NATION will overcome the odds and be stronger than ever!

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