There is nobody that represents New York’s borough of Staten Island and its home promotion Warriors of Wrestling quite like James “Rude Boy” Riley. The rise from a student and referee of the company, to its youngest heavyweight champion has been nothing short of meteoric. He exemplifies what it takes to be a successful professional wrestler.

As of August 10th his travels have landed him in the United Kingdom, wrestling for LDN Wrestling. Putting on 170 shows per year, the company is the third largest touring wrestling organization in the world. Founded in 2004, they have since rose to prominence with a TV deal on The Wrestling Channel.

With his first overseas trip, Riley will be defending the WOW Heavyweight title at LDN Wrestling… Therefore making this belt officially a World Heavyweight Championship. It will be no easy task as Riley takes on Hope Wrestlings king of flight champion Chris Tyler. Without question, this is a monumental step upward for WOW, LDN Wrestling, and the “Fresh Prince of Shaolin”.

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