This show has been postponed until further notice

Warriors of Wrestling returns home to Staten Island for Hostile Takeover!

Warriors of Wrestling Women’s World Championship STEEL CAGE MATCH
Melina (C) vs. Ultra Violette
In the storied career of future WWE Hall of Famer Melina never once has the legend fought in a steel cage. Now The Hellcat must do so with the WoW Women’s World Championship on the line against former champion Ultra Violette. The stakes couldn’t be higher and the risk couldn’t be greater. Whichever woman exits the icy confines of the Steel Cage will be the undisputed champion of the WoW Women’s Division. Can the legendary Melina add another victory to her reign or will Violette take back her championship glory?

Contract Signing For The #1 Contender for The No-Limits Championship
After 3 grueling rounds of tournament action it has been decided that Dexter Obsidian is now the #1 Contender for Tyree Taylor’s WoW No-Limits Championship. After several decisive defenses of his championship WoW Management wanted to provide the Prolific faction member with the very best opponent. On this night, reluctant #NewBreed member Dexter Obsidian will sign the contract granting him his title opportunity vs The Big Boy From Brooklyn, Tyree Taylor in April. What could go wrong?

Warriors of Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship
JustNeph (C) vs. Mr. Darius Carter
The time has come, the rematch fans have demanded. The way it should be, one on one for the ultimate prize. No tag partners, no triple threats… just the two top ranked competitors in Warriors of Wrestling toe to toe. Another championship that can truly be considered undisputed by the end of Hostile Takeover. With a second victory against Hostile Collective leader, Darius Carter, Neph will be able to finally put the former World Champion in his rearview mirror and focus on what’s next for his championship campaign.

Marcus Marquee & Isaiah Wolf vs. Team Talent (C)
Marquee and Wolf bka Prolific will be out for revenge as they take on the newly minted WoW Tag Team Champions Jack Gallow and Jason Carrion.

Rosemary vs. Corinne Mink
In a special attraction match Former Impact Knockouts Champion Rosemary will be in action as she takes on “The Legit Hoss” Corinne Mink. The impressive Mink returns to WoW for the first time since shedding her Golden Girl persona for a darker, grittier side which has seen her steamrolling through all competition. This is truly a well chosen match as both women are known for their tenacity and fierce competitive nature.

Chris Steeler vs. Mike Harvey
The cunning host of The Newsroom, Chris Steeler is known for making a mockery of young talent often times in brutal victories. Now Steeler faces a young #NewBreed lion in The Prince of Saiyans, Mike Harvey. Ordinarily Steeler would have the veteran’s advantage, however Harvey has been under the tutelage of WoW Legend, B.A. Kidd, someone who has Steeler well-scouted. Will the ringside general provide an advantage for Harvey or will Steeler have the last laugh once again?

Roger Mendez vs. Tony Paige
After continuous disrespect from Roger Mendez, Tony Paige doesn’t seem able to move on from his venomous feud with the loud-mouthed, gifted grappler. After multiple shocking verbal barrages on even the most sacred targets, Mendez looks to once again back up his words. Paige will look to silence his brash rival once and for all!

We look forward to providing Warrior Nation with our 4th event of what has already been a monumental 13th season here at WoW. Never has every division at Warriors of Wresting been so highly and closely contested. On April 11th come out to Funstation on Staten Island and witness firsthand what makes Staten Island’s home promotion so unique and remarkable.