On Saturday February 8th Warriors of Wrestling returns home to Funstation on Staten Island as WoW presents: “Cold Fury”. Don’t let the name fool you though as this will be one of the hottest events of the 2020 WoW Season. Here’s just some of what you’ll experience on this explosive evening…

Warriors of Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship
JustNeph (C) vs. TJ Marconi
After winning the WoW World Heavyweight Championship and a successful defense in January, JustNeph is on top of the World! The problem is, once you reach the level of success that Neph has, there’s always someone waiting to seize it for themselves. TJ Marconi is one of the most memorable and proven Warriors in company history. After making his remarkable return to WoW in 2019, “Public Enemy #1” TJ Marconi has had his hands full taking out anyone who dared cross him. Now the 373 pound powerhouse has his targets locked on the WoW World Heavyweight Championship. Will the mighty Marconi cement his legacy at WoW or will fan favorite JustNeph extend his reign another month?

Warriors of Wrestling No Limits Championship
Tyree Taylor (C) vs. Deanna Diaz
After Deanna Diaz’s unprecedented victory in The Frankie Getz Memorial Battle Royal, #WarriorNation wondered which championship match she would choose. Well wonder no more as The Midnight Classic’s lynchpin has chosen… The WoW No Limits Championship. Sounds like a great career move until you realize, that championship is held by “The Big Boy From Brooklyn” Tyree Taylor. Tyree has taken on all comers as champion and dispatched them one by one. Has Deanna Diaz made an epic mistake with her lofty choice or does the talented WoW Training Center graduate have a greater plan? Diaz looks to become just the second woman in Warriors history to hold the coveted title.

Warriors of Wrestling Tag Team Championship
Prolific (C) vs. Team Talent
Never in the history of WoW has the Tag Team Championship been so highly contested. Prolific members Marcus Marquee and Isaiah Wolf’s campaign as champions would be impressive enough on it’s own. The fact that they’ve been able to fend off repeated attempts from The Midnight Classics and Team Torment makes it that much more astounding. Now, Team Talent, Jack Gallow and Jason Carrion will take all the knowledge and scouting they’ve acquired of Prolific as they try to take back the gold from WoW’s self-proclaimed “Dripset”. The intensity of this rivalry has boiled over as of late, this contest will be testament to that fact. Will Prolific continue their dominant run or will the statuesque Team Talent be reunited with the glory of WoW’s ultimate tandem prize?Warriors of Wrestling

Women’s World Championship
Melina (C) vs. Gabby Ortiz
At “New Beginnings” in January, Warrior Nation experienced first hand that anything can and truly DOES happen at The WoW when future WWE Hall of Famer. Melina walked out of Saint Finbar’s as the new Warriors of Wrestling Women’s World Champion. Melina had the luxury of having her then opponent Violette well-scouted after numerous encounters throughout last season. That will not be the case at Cold Fury as WoW has hand selected her opponent. On February 8th Melina will take on Women of Honor standout, Gabby Ortiz! Gabby has amassed a lengthy resume, beating some of the top female athletes in the sport. Now Ortiz will look to capture Melina’s crown as the champion of WoW’s heralded women’s division. Could we see the second title change in as many months? Will Gabby become the 5th woman to obtain the ultimate prize?

Davey Boy Smith Jr. vs. Mr. Darius Carter
Every so often a talent comes to Warriors that fans beg to return, such is the case of Davey Boy Smith Jr. The MLW Superstar and Hart Family member will be back in action, this time facing the leader of The Hostile Collective and former WoW Heavyweight Champion, Mr. Darius Carter. Over the last few months one might notice Carter adopting a more technical, chain wrestling offense. That will be put to the ultimate test when he meets one of the most celebrated athletes in professional wrestling, Smith Jr. The son of the legendary British Bulldog will not be intimidated by Carter’s cerebral intimidation nor how nefarious tactics. This has “match of the night” capabilities well in hand.

Nikki Adams vs. Ray Lyn
Say it ain’t so Nikki! After a brilliant career at Warriors of Wrestling and in the sport in general, it is the end of an era. On February 8th the career of 2x WoW Women’s World Champion, Nikki Adams, comes to a close. On this evening she will face RoH & Impact star Ray Lyn! As with the aforementioned Davey Boy Smith Jr, Lyn is a name that fans were extremely vocal about having back, and we have listened! What better opponent for WoW’s beloved Nikki Adams to challenge her this one last time. Join us as we celebrate the career of Nikki Adams and send her off with the respect she deserves.

#1 Contender Tournament For The No Limits Championship
No-Limits Champion Tyree Taylor may talk a big game but he plays an even bigger one. Having bested any and every opponent for his title he has seemingly grown tired of the lack of competitors and challenged WoW Management to deliver him the very best. Therefor there will be an 8 man, 3 round tournament to declare a #1 Contender for his No Limits title. Here is the official 8-man field for Round 1, featured at Cold Fury:Biggie Biggs vs. Roger Mendez
Roger Mendez has been known for publicly lambasting all of his opponents and all those he’s labeled “rejects”. Mendez seems to get into the heads of his opponents weeks before the match begins. This time it seems his taunts will fall on deaf ears when he takes on the behemoth Biggie Biggs. Intimidation will not be a factor but the monstrous chops from the returning Biggs could send Mendez home in the opening round.

Dexter Obsidian vs. Chris Steeler
Arguably 2019’s WoW’s Rookie of The Year and shining member of #TheNewBreed, Dexter Obsidian has yet to fill his trophy room. Chris Steeler however, well he has won almost every conceivable championship, special event victory and accolade WoW has to offer! What better way for Obsidian to blaze his path than with a 1st round victory against the “Wrestling’s True Headline”?

Anthony Paige vs. Mr. Grimm
“The New Kid On The Block” Anthony Paige has seemed like exactly that, a refreshed, revamped, reborn version of his former self. It seems like Paige is finally finding his way in singles competition. That being said, Paige has perhaps the hardest task of anyone in the quarterfinals… beating “The Hitman For Hire” Mr. Grimm. There is perhaps no one in independent professional wrestling today with a more brutal offense than the imposing Mr Grimm. A threat in the air and on foot, Grimm has body-bagged dozens of victims. Will Paige be next?

Vinny Pacifico vs. Mike Harvey
After an all out battle between Pacifico and Harvey in January, it seemed like the right idea to raise the stakes between the pair with this Round 1 matchup. Pacifico wants nothing more than to regain his No Limits Championship which he christened with an overseas defense in London during his reign. While the two ended their show-stealing last bout with a handshake, it’s obvious Harvey isn’t content to walk away from the budding rivalry. Pride will play a huge factor in determining which of these two gifted talents will advance to the 2nd round!

There is no other place to be on Saturday, February 8th! See you at Funstation, 3555 Victory Boulevard, in Staten Island! Join us for the 2020 Staten Island premiere event of WoW!

  • Show Date: February 8th, 2020
  • Location: Funstation USA
  • Address: 3555 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY
  • Doors Open / Bell Time: 7:00 PM / 8:00 PM