On August 8th, 2009, Warriors Of Wrestling had their most unpredictable finale yet. Earlier in the evening, W.O.W Commissioner Joe Miller stripped Jason Kross of the W.O.W Heavyweight Championship due to Kross’ refusal to defend his title. Instead of crowning a new champion, Joe Miller decided to make 30 W.O.W wrestlers compete for the title in a Ultimate Survival Match, which before this announcement was to determine the number 1 contender for the title. After 29 wrestlers faught long and hard to win the title, it appeared as if Nick Sabre won the match, but it turned out that #30 never entered the ring. The man who drew #30, was Jason Kross, and he caught Nick Sabre by surprise and eliminated him, causing Jason Kross to become W.O.W Heavyweight Champion yet again. All looked good for Kross, until his stalker finally revealed himself after the match. Armed with a chair, this mystery man walked up and grabbed the title away from Kross. Holding the W.O.W Heavyweight Championship in his hand, he revealed himself as former W.O.W Heavyweight Champion “Simply The Best” Damian Dragon. Dragon made it clear that he wants a shot at Kross’s title, and by the look of things, “Simply The Best” may just get it.

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