Warriors Of Wrestling has had many surprise appearances in the past, but none more shocking than the upcoming appearance by Nunzio. The self proclaimed, “Mr. No Limits” Chris Banks threw down an open challenge to any wrestler in the country to come to Fallout and defeat him, something he looks at as impossible. After being one of the final participants in Championship Chaos 2009′s Ultimate Survival Match, it seems as if Chris Banks got someones attention. That someone is former ECW original and former WWE Superstar Nunzio. Now, “Mr. No Limits” has to take Nunzio to the limit on September 19th, 2009 in order for him to take a big leap up in Warriors Of Wrestling. Nunzio has loads more experience than Chris Banks, and this is Nunzio’s first time stepping into a W.O.W ring. Will Nunzio make quick work of “Mr. No Limits”, or will Banks shock the world and defeat a former WWE Superstar? The only way to find out, is to attend W.O.W’s Fallout. For more information on Fallout, please visit the shows official page off of the “Shows” tab.

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