“Extreme Heat” was certainly a show that you couldn’t miss as a fan of Warriors of Wrestling. Beyond the non stop action that is characteristic of a W.O.W. show, we saw two titles change hands.

Homicide wins the No Limits Title

In their second match ever, The Notorious 187 Homicide defeated No Limits champion Chris Banks. No stranger to the lack of rules in the division, Homicide has been a fierce competitor in every match he has had in the company. He will once again face off with Banks at “Ultimate Survival”, creating a challenge that, possibly once again, Banks may be unable to top.

Team Torment wins the Heavyweight Title

A lot of the fans of W.O.W. have been talking about the actions of Team Torment (Jack Gallow and Jason Kross). After turning their backs on the Syndicate, both men went after heavyweight champion Chris Steeler. They were able to both make him pass out, creating for the first time ever, a double champion. The controversy continued, as after the match, Gallow and Kross grabbed the mic and announced they would be taking the belts hostage, citing issues with management in the company. As of now, no official word from owner Joe Bellini has been issued. Stay tuned to warriorsofwrestling.com for more information as it develops.

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