Show Results

Create-A-Pro Championship
Max Caster retained over Maxwell Jacob Feinstein

VALKYRIE Women’s Wrestling Showcase
Nikki Addams defeated Damaris

Limitless Wrestling Showcase
Ace Romero defeated Anthony Greene

Scotty Priest came out to the ring to complain about not bring booked on either Pro Wrestling BAM or the Tier 1 & Warriors of Wrestling super show, which followed by Brute Van Slyke coming out and flattening him.

Tier 1 Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament – Wildstyle Battle Royal
Order of elimination:

Certified Sexy
Indy Card Mafia
M1nute Men
Flawless & Lawless

Finals of the Tier 1 Wrestling Tag Team Championship Tournament – Four-Way Elimination Match
Order of Elimination:

Monkey Flip
The New Heavily Bodies
Breakfast Club


Inter-Gender Match
Jessie Brooks defeated Marc Hauss by submission

Blitzkrieg Pro! Bedlam Championship
Scott Wild retained against Pinkie Sanchez, Jeremy Leary, Xavier Bell and Brian Fury via pinfall over Xavier Bell after a low blow.

Special Attraction Match
Sonny Kiss defeated Dick Justice with a roll up

Darius Carter Brass Ring Invitational – Warriors of Wrestling No Limit’s Championship
Darius Carter (c) defeated Jeff Cobb

  • Show Date: August 19th, 2016
  • Location: St. Finbars Church
  • Address: 1839 Bath Avenue, Brooklyn, NY