Live Wire will be every bit as electrifying as promised. Warriors of Wrestling returns home to Funstation on Staten Island October 19th and every championship will be on the line! 

Warriors of Wrestling Women’s World Championship: Nikki Addams (C) vs. Masha Slamovich
This is the match that Warrior Nation has been demanding all of 2019, your wish has been granted! Masha has been on a collision course with Addams since making her debut. 2019 has been a career-defining year for Slamovich with appearances on Impact and an upcoming tour of Puerto Rico. Addams’ resume speaks for itself has been nothing short of a fighting champion, besting everyone she’s faced. These women have each other well-scouted. Will it be a World Championship for Masha’s growing trophy case or another obstacle overcome by The Eagle Eye?

Warriors of Wrestling World Heavyweight Championship: Mr. Darius Carter (C) vs. Chris Dickinson
“The Dirty Daddy” Chris Dickinson sees the stars align as not only will he be wrestling in front of a hometown Staten Island crowd, but he will be fighting for a World Heavyweight Championship. The downside? Having to compete with Wrestling’s Richest Prize Mr. Darius Carter in what can be considered his home building. Dickinson, a 2x Evolve Tag Team Champion and member of the heralded Team Pazuzu, may easily be the one to cut Carter’s reign short. 

Warriors of Wrestling Tag Team Championship: The South American Sensations (C) vs. The Midnight Classics
Chilean brothers Alessandro and Pedro set off to make a mark on American Professional Wrestling just so months ago. The pair began their East Coast tour with their United States debut at WoW in August and have already claimed the Warriors’ Tag Team Championship at King of New York (with a little help from ECW legend Bill Alfonso. Now without the confusion of added elements, The Midnight Classics, “First Class” Justin Adams and Chris “The Man” Romano can focus on reclaiming their coveted championships. It’s suffice to say whichever team walks away champions can truly be considered undisputed.

Warriors of Wrestling No-Limits Championship: Tyree Taylor (C) vs Vinny Pacifico
After falling just short of becoming the 2019 King of New York, Vinny Pacifico now seeks to regain the No Limits from Prolific’s own Tyree Taylor. It was Vinny “The Kid” himself who took the No Limits Title across the ocean to England thus christening it a legitimate World Championship. That was before Tyree debuted in WoW with a seismic impact. Tyree is having as successful 2019 on the men’s roster as the aforementioned Slamovich is on the women’s.

Singles Competition: JustNeph vs. Josh Briggs
The 2019 Ultimate Survivor Winner JustNeph takes on 6 foot 8 WWN/Evolve mega prospect, Josh Briggs! There is no doubt that Warrior Just Neph has a moveset perfectly tailored for opponents his size but can the towering indie favorite get the best of him?

Team Talent vs. Prolific
Jason Carrion & Jack Gallow have been racking up victories both together and solo going on years now. These two men are at the peak of physical perfection, two of the most gifted athletes in WoW history. That all being said, they’ve never encountered anything like Prolific. The tandem will face “The American Gangsta” Isaiah Wolf and “Marquee State of Mind” Marcus Marquee in a match that will truly dictate the victor’s future in the well-contested WoW Tag Division.

Singles Grudge Match: Dexter Obsidian vs. Mike Harvey
Not even last month’s KONY excitement could interrupt the feud that Warrior Nation has instantly fallen in love with, Dexter vs The Racketeer Mike Harvey. After reaching the time limit in their last encounter, the pair are anxious to show the other who will be the future of WoW. The two impressive talents from The Warrior Training Center are shining examples of the school’s excellence.

Singles Special Attraction: Big Sean Studd vs Chris Steeler
The genetic duplicate of WWE Legend Big John Studd returns to WoW. After his last appearance at WoW in 2018, Warrior Nation was mesmerized, now he makes his long-awaited return. “The Newsroom’s” number one reporter will be looking to write his own sports column with a victory against the towering titan. 

  • Show Date: October 19th, 2019
  • Location: Funstation USA
  • Address: 3555 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY
  • Doors Open / Bell Time: 7:00 PM / 8:00 PM